VelocityEHS is helping thousands of customers reach their environment, health and safety goals faster with leading sustainable cloud-based EHS solutions.

VelocityEHS is a leading EHS software company, which helps its customers reach their environment, health, safety and sustainability goals faster. Our goal is to deliver the most essential cloud EHS capabilities via a simple and intuitive platform, that is more affordable, faster to implement, and provides the best user experience for our customers. VelocityEHS solutions are trusted by millions of users, from virtually every industry, to help them improve their EHS performance.

Today, VelocityEHS is among the largest and fastest-growing EHS software companies with offices in the United States, Canada, the UK and Australia. With a burgeoning list of regulations in place from OSHA to Health Canada to the EPA and beyond, staying ahead of environment health and safety (EHS) management and compliance is a daunting task and the market is primed for the transformative effects of the cloud that VelocityEHS is bringing to more than 13,000 companies around the world.


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