Actua is capitalizing on the enormous opportunity that’s being generated by the second wave of the SaaS revolution.

With the majority of businesses still spending more than 90% of their IT budgets on legacy, on-premise technologies, Actua is positioned to transform and improve the way business gets done. Ultimately this transformation drives value for our customers, our investors and our management teams. Investors of Actua have the opportunity to ride this wave of value creation through the growth of our rapidly expanding cloud-based businesses.

Vertical SaaS is rapidly evolving.

Very few companies have seen that evolution from its inception:

  • Observing and evaluating markets over time
  • Watching new vertical cloud players emerge
  • Studying their dynamics
  • Buying, operating, growing, selling them – and learning lessons from both winning and losing along the way

Since 1996, we’ve been doing nothing else.

The vertical cloud is an incredibly exciting market opportunity, promising to transform entire industries. We don’t just want to share the profit. We want to share the vision and the journey. And that’s why we’re all-in on next-wave vertical SaaS.


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