About Actua

Some people don’t know what to make of us. They see a fast-growing business that operates some very different companies in markets that aren’t seemingly connected. Others look more closely and see an astute acquirer and builder of cloud companies that targets vertical markets and processes. They’re both right: Actua is a cloud company focused on transforming vertical and highly specialized markets.

Putting Our Money Where the Cloud Is – The Vertical Opportunity

While the first wave of cloud computing is dominating in horizontal disciplines like accounting, CRM and HR, offline processes in most industries still proliferate and await the transformative efficiency of the cloud. We believe that the second wave of SaaS – the specialized wave – is transforming vertical industries and processes.

The Cloud Operator

Visionaries even before the cloud was “the cloud,” no one has seen, built and grown more cloud businesses than the Actua team. We know what winning cloud businesses look like and what they must achieve to transform their markets.

With deep domain expertise at its core, The Actua Growth Engine is our proven approach for transforming vertical markets. It involves:

  • Garnering the best and the brightest talent within each vertical market to define new industry standards and lead transformation
  • Driving aggressive market expansion to accelerate adoption and provide richer and more comprehensive solutions
  • Mitigating the financial risks of being an early adopter
  • Supporting the vanguards of market transformation through ongoing education and insights
  • Delivering continuous innovation that solves the problems of business customers


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